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We Make Your Business Go From Invisible To Invincible

Your Business Is Invisible When It's Not Listed On The First Page Of The Google Search Results We Take Your Business From Invisible To Invincible

Steve Ferguson Search Engine Marketing is your Worcester SEO and digital marketing headquarters. We help Worcester area businesses get more customers with state of the art SEO strategies and tactics. In today’s pandemic affected economy, a robust internet presence is a matter of life and death for your business.

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SEO Services

Did you know that over ninety percent of the searchers on Google do not go beyond the first page?  Take your business from invisible to invincible on Google.  Call 508-475-9112

Social Media Marketing

In today’s pandemic affected economy, an active social media presence is mandatory.  Posting daily is a must do for local businesses.  We can help.  Call 508-475-9112

Google Maps Optimization

The Google My Business/Google Maps listing at the top of each search is the prime real estate on the page.  Discover on how you get your business there.  508-475-9112

In-Depth Keyword Research

Keywords describe your business to the search engines.  Using advanced SEO tools, we discover what YOUR customers are searching for in your marketing area.  Call 508-475-9112

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Search engine optimization, or SEO in it’s abbreviated version, is a must do for any business that wants to prosper.  For every business, no matter how they operated in the past, internet marketing is the “new normal”.  SEO is a combination of both on page on off page factors.  Here at Steve Ferguson Search Engine Marketing, we are experts with “new normal” digital marketing in the Worcester, MA area and beyond.

We Will Help Your Business Survive In This Pandemic Affected Economy

Hey!  Steve Ferguson here and welcome to Steve Ferguson Search Engine Marketing.  You’ve come to the right place in this pandemic adapted business environment.  In the old days (before the Coronavirus epidemic), business was booming for everyone, even entities that didn’t have a robust web presence.  Now, your very survival in business depends on your online visibility.  After this plague is over, many people that didn’t use the internet regularly will have trained themselves to buy online.  If your business is not listed on the first page of Google, you are essentially invisible.  The same is true for the Google Map listing.  Statistics prove almost nobody goes beyond page one.  And the reason I mention Google and not the other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo is simple.  Google dominates the market with ninety percent of the search volume.

Google My Business | Compete With Billion Dollar Companies With Your Small Business

Google My Business is the most important real estate on the Google search results page.  While no SEO Agency can guarantee a listing there, I use cutting edge strategies that work fabulously in most situations.  Ranking your website on page one and properly optimizing your Google My Business page makes your map listing soar in the ranking, even in hyper competitive markets.  Did you know that more than fifty percent of the web searches are done on a mobile device?  The first thing the searcher sees is the Google Map listing.  Now you can see why this is vitally important. Notice when you search for multi-billion dollar businesses like, Walmart, Target and Home Depot.  They each have a separate Google Maps listing.  This is how important this is.  Do you want your business listed there?  Call Worcester SEO today at (508)475-9112


Local SEO | Cutting Edge Digital Marketing For Local Businesses Driving Traffic And Leads To Local Businesses

Like politics, all business is local unless you are Amazon.  As I just mentioned, even Walmart and Home Depot have their stores listed locally.  Now this is where SEO comes in.  What is SEO anyway?  SEO is short for search engine optimization which is a combination of content that is on your website plus links pointing to your websites from other websites.  This is where it gets tricky. Too many keywords (keyword stuffing) or thin content will tank your website.  This is also true of an improper linking strategy.  This is where hiring the right SEO company is vital.  Giant, national SEO companies sell volume and do as little as possible to earn their monthly fees.  This is why hiring a local, boutique SEO agency like ours is the right move.

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