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This means that visitors are using very small displays in comparison to their desktops.  As a business owner, you cannot lose sight of the fact that the environment has changed so much and in this case, size really does matter!

The layout of your website will look completely different from the one customers see on their desktops.  You can't afford to lose conversions because you didn't pay attention to your customers' experience on mobile.  And, never forget that you're also competing with a ton of distractions-other apps, constant notifications, and a very short attention span.  You constantly have to give unforgettable value to keep your visitors' attention.

At Web Design Fargo all I do is lead generation websites that are designed to convert and work magnificently on mobile phones.


Web Design Fargo

Almost 90% Of Consumers Who Search For A Business On Mobile Will Go

To That Business Within 24 Hours

Web Design Fargo

So what does that mean?  Well, if 6 out of ten visitors are viewing your site on mobile devices and they like what they see, 90% of those customers will actually visit your business, based on their mobile experience.  So how big is mobile?  HUGE!.

Now do a test.  Check out this web page on your phone.  Notice how easy it is to scroll.  The prospects for your business are trained to scroll on social media.  This web page functions the same way.  Now check out your site or a competitors on your phone.  A completely different experience, isn't it?  Call Steve Ferguson at Web Design Fargo to get started. 


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Social Proof

Pictures And Reviews Left By Your Customers

Best Experience Ever!


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Answered My Questions.


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Get  An Authority Commercial Like This  On Your Website!

Web Design Fargo Will Include An Authority Commercial Like This One On Your FREE Lead Generation Website.  This Is A $499 Value

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A Lead Generation Website Should

Have Numerous Call To Actions

Your website should have numerous calls to action like "Click To Call", "I Want More Information", "Make An Appointment Today" and so forth.  It should be easy for someone to contact you.  Notice on this website there is a contact button on the header and a click to call right below it. Imagine your business website having calls to action like this.

Sadly on most websites, even ones that cost thousands of dollars, finding contact information, especially on a cell phone, is very difficult.

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Secret Strategy For Growing Your Business

People Spend Up To 49% More Money At Businesses That Reply To Reviews

Most Websites Function As An Online


Most websites function as an online brochure with five, ten, and even twenty pages, sometimes more.  Complicated dropdown menus list each service.  On a lead generation website, your services are listed on the front page and have calls to action.

On traditional websites, the prospect chooses their own

adventure, many times leaving in frustration.  On a lead

generation website, there is a beginning, middle and an

end to their journey. 

This is called a sales funnel.  After all, no matter if your

business has customers, patients or clients, you are after

sales.  Right?  Call Web Design Fargo today!


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I design stunning, mobile-ready websites that load fast, rank well, and convert new customers. Demand more from your website and blow away your competition.

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Multiply Your Leads With A
High Converting Website Lead Generation Website That Is Designed To Convert.

Want to add new customers this month?

You can make that happen with a stunning website that'll have website visitors coming back for more!

Learn more about my  21-block formula that will convert more of your website visitors into customers!

This FREE website is a 1297 value!

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Your New Lead Generation Website

Will Be Loaded With "SOCIAL PROOF"

According to Sprout Social. social proof is:  Social proof is

the psychological concept that people are influenced in

their decision making by others, compelling them to act in

societal norms or expectations. In the context of

marketing, social proof provides evidence of the

popularity or usability of a brand among consumers to

the purchase decisions of prospective and returning



This lead generation website includes an authority video

highlighting one of YOUR 5 star reviews. This is powerful

social proof.At the end of the video, there is a phone

number to call.  What do YOU think the customer will do?

Probably call your business.  Right?  

As you have seen above, you also get a gallery showing

three customer reviews and their pictures.  This is more

social proof.



And finally, you get an authority badge that shows ALL of

your 5 star reviews from Google.  (Notice the flashing

popup on the lower right hand corner of this page(.  That

is social proof on steroids

Web Design Fargo has your back with social proof!

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Grow Your Business With Web Design Fargo

Drive Traffic And Leads To Your Business With Supercharged Authority Hosting

Put Your Team Front And Center!

Imagine A Display Like This For Your Business!









What is Authority Hosting?

Why Will It Supercharge My


You get "Commercial Grade" hosting that is designed for businesses.  Most of the cheap, shared hosting that most businesses use is designed for blogging and maybe some hobbyist.

You gat a "Commercial Grade SSL certificate installed on your domain  

Virus Protection


Daily Backups

And A Whole Lot More.....Keep Reading!

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Become A Market Leader By Live

Streaming Your 5 Star Reviews From

Google Right To Your Website!

Bury Your Competition With An Online Reputation That Steals New Customers.

Imagine having every 5 star review your business has on Google displayed on the front page of your website.  That is possible with the Authority Badge I'm including in the Authority Hosting Package.  It magically Live Streams each review from Google.

Notice the pulsating popup at the lower right hand corner of this website.  That's an Authority Badge.  Now click on "read".  The prospect can scroll through ALL of your 5 star reviews.  This is once again, social proof on steroids!

Call Web Design Fargo to get started

The Authority Badge is a $599.00 a year value

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Helps With SEO Marketing

Helps With "Branding"

Social Media Marketing

Reputation Management

Video Marketing

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I Will Also Syndicate Your Monthly Authority Commercial To YouTube As Well As All Of Your Other Social Media Accounts!

Imagine live streaming an Authority Commercial to YouTube every month.  I also syndicate it to your Facebook, Twitter(X) and other social media accounts.

Imagine a prospect looking for your type of business and seeing an Authority Commercial.  Don't you think they will be impressed and more likely to call or stop by?

And even more powerfully, people that follow YOUR social media accounts see the Authority Commercial, THEIR followers see the Authority Commercial and of course THEIR followers see your Authority Commercial.  This is how viral a social media post can be.  This will supercharge your reviews!  Call Web Design Fargo Today!

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Answer All Of Your Online Reviews With

Review Responder

The new "best practice" is to answer your online reviews. That means both good and bad reviews.  With Review Responder, you can answer your good reviews in a personalized and professional way.  You can turn your bad reviews into good ones with 5 star, personalized responses

What is Review ResponderReview Responder is a Chrome extension that uses AI to generate, professional, thoughtful and personalized answers in seconds.  Answer a weeks worth of reviews in minutes.  It's magic!

Your current customers will be impressed by your thoughtful, professional answers to their reviews.  However, the real audience are your prospects who will be reading your reviews and your answers.  When they see your answers to all of your good reviews and your 5 star answers to the ones that are not so good, they will think you are a rock star!

Review Responder is a $599.00 a year value

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Why Should I Answer My Reviews?

Review Responder is a "must have" for any business.  Here are just a few reasons why:

.One Negative Review Can Cost A Business Up To 30 Customers.

85% Of Consumers Trust Reviews As Much As Personal Recommendations

95% Of Consumers Read Online Reviews Before Making A Purchase

Positive Reviews Can Create Up To An 18% Increase In Sales

People Spend Up To 49% More Money At Businesses That Reply To Reviews

Businesses That Reply To More Than 25% Of Their Reviews Earn 35% More Revenue Than Average

And last but not least, answering your reviews may help your rankings on Google!

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You Get A Set Of Social Covers | A Full

Social Media Makeover!

The headers (covers) of your social media accounts are the most underutilized space on the internet.  Think about it.  It's they very first thing a prospect sees when logging on to one of your social media accounts

Look at these headers as your social media billboards or even storefronts.  

What can you put on the social media covers?  You can put a special offer.  You can showcase one of your 5 star reviews.  You can do holiday greetings.  The sky is the limit!

You will get a Facebook cover, a cover for your YouTube channel, a cover for Twitter (X), a cover for LinkedIn and a post for Instagram.  You will look like a rock star!

This Social Cover set is Valued at $197

Check out the social covers below!  

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How Much Is The Authority Hosting?

You get the Lead Generation Website, valued at $1,297 is free.  The only charge is a testimonial

You get an Authority Commercial embedded in the Lead Generation Website.  That is a $499 Value

You get an Authority Commercial each month syndicated to your social media.  That is a $499 each Value

You get a subscription to Review Responder.  That is a $599  a year Value

You get a subscription to the Authority Badge, a $599 a year Value

You get one set of Social Covers.  A full Social Media Makeover  Valued at $197


The Total Monthly Investment Will Be:

$99.00 Monthly


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a better website help my business

Over 80% of new customers will visit your website before reaching out. If they don’t like what they see, then they’re off to the next business in seconds. Making a great first impression online is everything in the digital age and we have an exact formula to turn those visits into customers.


What type of business is this lead generation website for?

This type of website is designed for contractors, medical

professionals and basically business that can put their services on

one page.  This won't work for businesses that have large menus

who change their prices regularly.  If you have any questions, call

Web Design Fargo.  I'll work with you if I can.

What if I have more than one location?

The inner page would not be an afterthought like most inner pages

with a secondary location.  It world be just like your home page. 

Contact me formore information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you giving away such a valuable website?

I want to go into the web design and reputation marketing part of

online marketing.  And you have to pay for the website with a

testimonial (review).  That is required.


Why are these services so cheap?  I thought these services cost

thousands of dollars?

I am showcasing the lead generation websites,  the Authority Commercials,

Review Responder and the Authority Badge.  The price will go up.  And of

course, I need reviews!

When are you available?  I run a business and am short on time

I am available 7 days a week from 7AM to 10PM.  I don't mind

working with you when you are available.  If I don't answer, leave a

message and a time to call back.  EASY!

How many times will you edit or change my website for me?

I'm really easy to work with and I will make changes within what I

deem is reasonable.  For instance, think if you are running a special,

I will happily make changes to help.  When designing the website, I

will ask you for pictures of your business and what colors to use.  

Will my price go up after I commit to doing this?

No!  I value loyalty and the monthly investment will stay the same



Crafting A High Performance Lead Generation


Nobody Knows Lead Generation Websites Like Web Design Fargo

In today's digital landscape, the virtual doorway to your business, the lead generation website, serves as the critical point of first contact between potential customers and your brand. However, in an era where the attention span of online visitors has dwindled to a mere 8 seconds, the stakes have never been higher for crafting a website that performs seamlessly and engages visitors from the moment they arrive.

A disconcerting truth looms over the digital realm: after a mere 8 seconds, a staggering majority of website visitors will depart from a site that fails to deliver a satisfying user experience. This phenomenon underscores the paramount importance of optimizing your website for peak performance, as statistics reveal that a whopping 96% of first-time visitors will abandon ship if their initial experience is marred by a poorly performing website.

The speed at which your website loads is a critical factor in keeping users engaged. Studies have shown that even a one-second delay in website speed can lead to a significant reduction in conversions. Every moment counts, and a swift, responsive website can mean the difference between a lead generated and a visitor lost.

As we delve deeper into the intricacies of website optimization, it's vital to consider the evolving landscape of online access. Over 60% of web users now rely on their mobile phones to search for businesses. The ubiquity of mobile devices has ushered in a new era of digital engagement, and businesses that fail to cater to this demographic are, quite simply, missing out.

The repercussions of neglecting mobile optimization are clear: almost 90% of consumers who search for a type of business on a mobile device will visit that business within 24 hours. This statistic alone underscores the tremendous potential mobile users hold as prospective customers. Ignoring the mobile user experience can lead to lost opportunities and hinder your lead generation efforts. The only website designed by Web Design Fargo is a lead generation system.

To further underscore the importance of mobile optimization, consider this: customers are less likely to engage with content if it doesn't display well on their mobile devices. Your website's content may be compelling, but if it fails to render correctly on smartphones and tablets, you risk alienating a substantial portion of your audience.

In conclusion, the quest for a successful lead generation website demands a meticulous attention to detail, with a focus on speed, performance, mobile optimization and calling Web Design Fargo. In an age where first impressions are made within seconds, the statistics are clear: a poorly performing website can be the downfall of your digital marketing efforts. Embrace the imperative of crafting a high-performance lead generation website, and you'll find your business reaping the rewards of engaged and converted visitors.

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Steve Ferguson

I've owned Steve Ferguson Search Engine Marketing since 2014.  I

was originally doing search engine optimization to drive traffic to

small businesses.

After a layoff because of an illness, I'm back and working smarter. 

While doing SEO, I noticed no matter how many new visitors a

business got on it's website, the results were mediocre.  The reason

was the website didn't perform and the business owner didn't

practice good review management. That's why I started Web

Design Fargo and I'm giving away this lead generation website

and offering review management tools in the hosting package.

I've had over two decades in business experience on the internet

including websites for a large automobile dealer group.  This was at

the beginning of the internet and there were really no "right" ways

to do anything.  You learned by trial and error, lots of error.  I am

now bringing this hard earned experience to you.

I belong to several business "mastermind" groups to stay ahead of

the competition.  I look forward to talking to you.

Call me at Web Design Fargo


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