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Yes, we are a twenty first century version of an advertising Agency.  Why is that?  It’s really simple.  Not long ago, and even today, owners of small businesses engage an ad agency to handle all of their advertising, marketing and branding needs.  For example, Yellow Pages, now called which their digital version is now called, newspaper, billboard, television, social media, radio, and direct marketing just to name some of the things an advertising agency does.  They also includes web design, SEO, video marketing and video SEO as well as other digital marketing and internet marketing strategies that include pay per click, which is mostly the well known and costly Google Adwords.  Sounds really compelling, doesn’t it?  WRONG!  As stated before, you are reading this because your business needs customers.  A comprehensive, properly deployed and strategic SEO campaign will run rings around an advertising agency that offers everything and costs way too much for the results that are obtained.  Call TODAY! Steve Ferguson Search Engine Marketing | SEO Worcester 508-475-9112

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