Discovery Application

Discovery Application

At Steve Ferguson Search Engine Marketing, we only take on clients that we know we can help.

Our expertise is in high demand, but we are not a good fit for some businesses. We are selective about our clientele, and will decline to accept clients for which our services are not compatible. We work with a select amount of clients at any one time to ensure that our clients receive the attention necessary to do quality work for them, and get them the results that they need.

Client Qualifications:

1. Your business is active and healthy. Our services are best suited to established businesses who want to take their businesses farther, faster. However, we will work with start ups and less established businesses on a case by case basis. We regret that we cannot work with:

“Get rich quick” or “MLM” businesses
Gambling businesses
Pornographic or other “Adult” themed businesses

2. Your business has a presence in your market. This means that you are currently advertising, and have a steady flow of leads and customers.

3. You have a good reputation in your community. We want to help you create more goodwill, sales, and profits in your market.

If you meet the criteria above, and would like to learn how to get more leads, clients, and profits, then please fill out the application below so we can set aside some time to speak with you and learn more about your business. We need to understand a bit more about your business before we can customize a plan to make the phone ring for you, bringing you more leads, customers, and revenue.

Please plan to spend 30 to 45 minutes on the phone discussing your business.

Discovery Form

Please enter as much information below as you can. We will use this information to create or improve your online listings.

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